Repair & Build Service

Projects commissioned by locals as fundraisers for the Shed

Members of the Mangawhai Shed have a depth of industrial and commercial skills.
They relish the challenge of tackling old and new problems so if you need support fixing or repairing old treasures, please get in touch.
Our ‘Repair & Build Service’ is available to you and is a valuable means of raising funds.

Ask us today for a no obligation quote. 

Community projects

Projects completed on behalf of other local groups

We put our craft skills to good use by supporting community groups with their ambitions.
If you represent a registered charity or other local community group, we are happy to help. If you can raise the materials, we can generally organise the labour.

To make a request please contact us today.

Personal projects

Projects completed for the pure joy of it

We encourage our members to learn new craft skills and share old ones with others.
It’s not a teaching environment per se, but there is a lot to be learnt by rubbing shoulders with the right people.

Come visit some day. 

Shed Projects

Projects undertaken to benefit our shed

Shed members built our first Shed and have been responsible for every stage of its fitout.
A workshop is rarely ever ‘complete,’ it evolves with use.
Join us in making our space better.