Men's sheds or community sheds are non-profit organisations that originated in Australia, to advise and improve the overall health of all men. However some have expanded their remit to anyone regardless of age or gender, and have similar aims and functions to hackerspaces. They normally operate on a local level in the community, promoting social interaction and aim to increase quality of life. There are over 900 located across Australia, with thousands of active members. Men's sheds can also be found in Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, United States, Canada, Finland, New Zealand and Greece.

The slogan for men's sheds is "Shoulder To Shoulder", shortened from "Men don't talk face to face, they talk shoulder to shoulder", adopted after the 2008 Australian Men's Shed Association (AMSA) conference. The users of men's sheds are known as "shedders". In 2014, Prof Barry Golding coined the term "shedagogy" to describe "a distinctive, new way of acknowledging, describing and addressing the way some men prefer to learn informally in shed-like spaces mainly with other men. Sheds as a venue for mentoring other men and Inter-generational mentoring is a growing outcome. Academics are using men's sheds as a research venue and research partner in exploring men's health and social needs.

Our Vision:

To be the preferred centre for sharing and developing our passion for practical projects in the Mangawhai area.

Our Mission:

To provide and maintain a forum and physical location where men and women, young and old can share skills and make friends,

To support and enhance members’ skills and well-being,

To use the collective knowledge and skills of members to support community projects.

We seek your support

Immediately: to establish a central base for Mangawhai residents

Medium term: to acquire the tools and machinery that members need to undertake their projects

Long term: to develop a long-term fund and ongoing revenue streams to ensure sustainability

Talk to us about our 'Sponsorship Programme' or being a 'Friend of the Mangawhai Shed' or if you simply want to make a donation
 The Mangawhai Shed

The Mangawhai Shed currently has no resources of its own as yet and is hosted by kind support of one local member. These premises are private property. You are welcome to bring your own tools and equipment to promote your own craft ambitions. Any sharing of resources are arranged and agreed between individuals; no claims for loss or damage will be accepted by either the Mangawhai Shed or the proprietor.

Workshop is open each Friday from 10.00am at 206 Cames Rd, Mangawhai 0975


The Mangawhai Shed supports its members in undertaking a wide range of craft activities. It is also happy to support our wider community. These are some of the many different projects our members have been involved in. It will continue to grow and evolve as we continue to grow and evolve.

We welcome your contact if you need our full support or just a little helping hand.

Our Team

Our team of dedicated volunteers are passionate about their craft and our vision for a workshop in our community. Their diverse backgrounds bring a rich source of experience to draw from. Come and join us to build on your own skills, take time to finally indulge your creative interests or help us contribute to our community whilst we sort out the world's problems over a cup of tea.

Our Blog

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It's easy to join the Shed

Just come down any Friday after 10am

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Think of us before you clear out the garage. 

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