Frequently Asked Questions

Can women join the shed?

Absolutely yes. We are an inclusive group who welcome men, women and young people.

Can I make products for sale at the Shed?

Sorry but no. We are a ‘not for profit’ organisation and such activity is outside our remit. Any profit we make is returned to the shed for the benefits of its members and the long-term sustainability of our group. We are however open to discussion as to how we might be able to best support entrepreneurial endeavour and start-up businesses. Contact us to outline your proposal.

Do I have to make something when I come to the shed?

No. We certainly encourage you to revisit past craft practice or learn a new one but you will still be welcome if you just want to chat over a cup of tea or coffee.

Can I bring my own tools to the shed?

Sure. Just be sure to make sure they are fit for purpose and do not compromise your safety or that of others.

Is there an age limit to membership?

You need to be over 18yrs old if unaccompanied by an adult. Children may attend specific identified courses, workshops or events when designated as ‘for children’.

There is no current upper limit. Most of our members would most likely define themselves as ‘mature’!!

Do I need to be physically fit to join the shed?

It helps but it is not a prime requirement. You must declare any physical ailments or conditions simply so that we can exercise our duty of care when you are with us. This is especially true of any special need that you may have.
Our approach is to work with you to ensure you safely enjoy your time with us.